AUC/SCE 2nd Localization, Translation and Interpreting Conference on Going Global, Business, Community and Education

From: 4/1/2020   To: 4/2/2020


Proposals Submission Guidelines


Please note that you are required to submit an abstract and a summary of your topic: 

The abstract and workshops should be 250 words only for individual presentations; or 400 words in the case of panel discussions.

The summary should be 50 words only. Summaries will be used in the conference book once the submission is accepted. 

A presenter / co-presenter should provide a bio of 50 words.


Proposals should:

· Address any of the conference topics clearly and directly
· Fit one of the conference tracks
· Cover the topic thoroughly bearing in mind the nature of the
· Be related to professional, academic, and training aspects
  rather than addressing commercial or promotional aspects.
· Priority will be given to proposals that are innovative and
  engage new ideas that clarify the crosscutting areas
  between translation/ interpretation and technology.
· Panel proposals must indicate participants/roles, have a
  clear title, and list the questions proposed for discussion.

· For any queries please send an email to