AUC/SCE 2nd Localization, Translation and Interpreting Conference on Going Global, Business, Community and Education

From: 4/1/2020   To: 4/2/2020


Areas of Interest

The Case of Localization in the Arab/ Egyptian Context

1. How could the portals of government agencies and cultural institutions      benefit from the localization model compared to the translation model

2. Case studies focusing specifically on the analysis of a localization project [such as the UBER and Careem messages/ application/ website] with the objective of commenting on the strategies used

3.   The difficulty of working with Arabic across the Arab region


1.   Customers’ expectations and the Gaps

2.  Management of projects and roles of all individuals in the cycle: Project manager, translator, reviewer, post-editor

3.  Terminology management

4.   Management of the quality of localization and consistency and translation


1.      CAT tools and Process Optimization

2.      Role of machine translation (online free tools)

3.      Cloud computing and localization

4.      Is Artificial Intelligence a threat?

5.      Remote interpreting: Future Perspectives

6.      Computer-Assisted Interpreting: Challenges and Potentials

7.      Digital Approaches to translation


The Profession

1.   Translation-Management systems; challenges and best practices

2.   From text to project to long-term localization program: Different perspective of translation

3.   Is translation part of localization or localization part of translation?

4.   Localization as a Profession; Career Path, the known and un-known!

5.   Ethics and booth etiquette in interpretation



1.   Introducing localization training in educational institutions: challenges and opportunities

2.   Short-term training and hands-on training: Advantages and shortcomings

3.    Necessary competencies for hiring localizers/ translators

4.    Interpretation training: Traditional and New Modes