The International Language Assessment Conference in Egypt 2020

From: 9/4/2020   To: 9/5/2020


At a time when we would normally have the face-to-face Sixth International Language Assessment Conference in Egypt, the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has created a situation that does not allow us to gather in person.  Therefore, just as we have changed our teaching practices in order to continue our work with students, ILACE 2020 has also changed.  We are happy to announce that the ILACE 2020 will be held online on Friday and Saturday, 4 - 5 September.  This event will be made up of 4 keynote talks, a discussion with participants, and finally a  closing plenary session.  No registration will be required, and the event will be free of charge to the ELT community the entire weekend!  Please look out for announcements with more details about the ILACE 2020 online event between now and early September 2020.