From: 9/6/2019   To: 9/8/2018


Public transportation in Cairo is abundant, and inexpensive in comparison to other capital cities in the world.

The Metro is fast, clean, cheap, and reliable, but the existing lines do not reach all areas of the city.

White taxis can be hailed on the street everywhere. They are usually equipped with a meter, but it may be worth negotiating the fare before getting into the taxi. As a rule of thumb, never pay in a foreign currency. The fare from the Airport to a hotel in the Downtown area is ca. 150-300 EGP; a trip from the downtown area to the Pyramids or vice versa may cost 150-200 EGP. 

Uber is widely used in Cairo. If you have a smartphone, you can connect to the WiFi network in the hotel, or the University, and order a car in minutes. The advantage of Uber is that the fare is calculated according to a fixed schedule, and a fare estimate is provided in advance. If your account is not linked to a credit card, or if you don't have a data connection, Uber drivers in Cairo will accept payment in cash.