AUC/SCE 1st Conference on Localization, Translation and Interpreting: Bridging Gaps

From: 4/15/2019   To: 4/16/2019


Proposal Tips


When preparing your presentation, please limit the text on each slide so that the audience can easily see the information presented. Ample white space is highly recommended.


All presentation components (videos/slides/photos/etc) must be embedded into one PowerPoint file. If multiple presenters in your session, please combine the slides into one unified presentation. 


We ask all presenters to refrain from including any promotional or sales dialogue during the presentation.


The host will review a rough draft of your presentation, making sure that your presentation meets the following criteria:

*           The presentation adheres to the title and synopsis

*           The title accurately reflects the content of the presentation

*           Clarity

*           Please use the Conference template for conference consistency

*           Quality: The level of expertise seems consistent with the conference

*           Commercialism (promotion of a product or service offered by the presenter

is not allowed)

*           The text does not overwhelm the slides (additional text can appear in the notes