Official Website of the 23rd NileTESOL Conference 2019

From: 1/22/2019   To: 1/23/2019


20 X 20 Presentation (10 Minutes)

A 20 X 20 presentation is a quick "sales pitch" of a creative idea using 20 carefully chosen, auto-advancing slides to accompany the creative idea the presenter is sharing with the audience.  The presentation lasts for seven minutes, followed by three minutes for questions.


Presentation (45 Minutes)

A presentation is a 30-35 minute talk covering the presenter's research or demonstrating a new idea, followed by 10 minutes for questions and discussion with the audience.


Workshop (90 Minutes)

A workshop is an interactive session in which the facilitator guides the audience through the steps of implementing a new idea or technique.  A workshop may include some formal presentation in which the facilitator explains the background and basics of the new idea or technique.  However, most of the session is dedicated to giving the audience hands-on practice with the new idea or technique, followed by time for discussion and questions.


Lightning Talks (20 Minutes)

A lightning talk session is when short 20-minute presentations are given one after another in which the presenters illustrate their ideas or research.  The talk is accompanied by a brief PowerPoint.  Several presentations happen sequentially in the same room with the audience hearing one presentation at a time.  At the end of the presentations, a brief period for questions is given.  This type of session gives the audience a chance to attend multiple presentations.


Poster Session (15 minutes)

A Poster Session is your allotted time to share with your audience the summary of your conference-related work as exemplified in your poster. The poster can combine text, images and graphs that show your work in a logical, accessible and creative way. It should clearly explain the rationale for the choice of topic, the steps involved in completing your research and the value of your work to the field. In a poster session, it is expected that you give a short presentation of your work every 10 or 15 minutes, and attendees can ask questions and share comments and feedback with you.