The Sixth International Language Assessment Conference in Egypt 2020

From: 9/1/2020   To: 9/2/2020


The Sixth

International Language Assessment Conference in Egypt

ILACE 2020

September 1-2, 2020

The American University in Cairo (AUC) – Downtown Cairo (Tahrir)


The American University in Cairo and the British Council in Egypt are pleased to announce the sixth International Language Assessment Conference in Egypt - ILACE 2020 - taking place September 1–2, 2020.                                        

No modern educator disregards the presence and importance of assessment, whether in the classroom or other educational environments.  This is why #AssessmentMatters is a timely and important focus.  On one hand, there are many matters in assessment that require continual discussion, including technology and assessment, high stakes assessment, test design, or assessment that is inclusive of all learners, including those with special needs.  The ongoing interest in these issues points to how assessment matters.  It matters in that a robust language education requires both formative and summative assessment in all skills.  Assessment also matters in that it is becoming more reflective, learner-oriented and individualized with the aid of new methods and technology.  In spite of these growing complexities, it is vitally important that these different modes of assessment are accurate and reliable because they are utilized for high-stakes decisions about learners.  Therefore, teacher development must hinge more and more on assessment awareness and expertise in order to promote and maintain quality learning and teaching as expected by all stakeholders involved, including students, their current and future employers, as well as others in society students intend to benefit with their skills.

ILACE 2020 seeks to address these challenges by inviting proposals that help us bridge the gap between theory and practice, supporting teachers in their assessment literacy and ultimately in their ability to enact meaningful, appropriate, and accurate classroom assessments that can help teachers, and students, obtain quality summative and formative data on student learning and performance.           

The conference organizers invite proposal submissions from all educators who are interested in language assessment. Submissions related to assessing other subjects in English are also welcome, as are proposals for sessions to be delivered in Arabic. While presentations addressing assessment theory are welcome, the conference organizers encourage all applicants to provide practical recommendations relevant to classroom teachers as much as possible.

The deadline for receipt of proposals is April 15th, 2020.

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