From: 12/4/2010   To: 12/6/2010



Unless you are staying at the J.W. Marriott hotel near the AUC campus,  the easiest mode of transport to the conference on the AUC campus in New Cairo is the AUC bus service.   Buses will be running on the half hour from the AUC's downtown campus to the New Cairo campus.  Travel time is approximately 60 minutes.  

AUC Downtown Bus 

The AUC Downtown bus goes to AUC's New Campus every half hour.  It is located near Tahrir Square, one of the main squares of downtown Cairo, and you can easily go there by taxi if you are staying in a hotel that is not within walking distance of this bus stop.  For a map of the location of the Downtown bus stop, please click on this link.   

For a detailed schedule of the Downtown bus times, please click on this link

AUC Zamalek Bus

For location of the AUC Zamalek bus stop in relation to the Flamenco Hotel, please click on this link

The Zamalek bus does not go as frequently to the AUC New Campus, so please click on this link for a detailed schedule of the Zamalek bus times

Coming by car

When coming to the AUC New Cairo campus, the preferred gate for entry is Gate 4 since this gate is close to the conference rooms. 


For participants who are driving to AUC's New Cairo campus, please click on this link to get a directional map. 

For a map of the campus itself, and the location of the main AUC buildings and conference sites, please click on this link for an overview of the campus.