The 7th Annual AUC EURECA Conference

From: 5/6/2012   To: 5/7/2012


The Seventh Annual AUC Conference For Excellence in Undergraduate Research, Entrepreneurship, and Creative Achievement

“Choosing the Present, Charting the Future”

Moataz Al Alfi Hall

May 6 & 7, 2012

Egypt and the Middle East are experiencing times of great uncertainty and promise.  Like never before, the world is open for new possibilities, voices and expression, and as a people, we must reinvent ourselves to face the coming challenges, making thoughtful choices for the present, as we take steps toward shaping a future that will put us on the path to development and progress. 

This research conference invites students to explore through the disciplines themes such as modernization, power, democratization, environment and citizenship in light of the new face of the Middle East. The conference gives students the ability to think about reform for their region, as active researchers, scientists, artists, passive observers, and inevitable participants in what makes this a remarkable time to be living in the Middle East.

The AUC Conference for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, Entrepreneurship, and Creative Achievement aims to promote excellence in undergraduate research and rhetoric.  It is an opportunity for students to share in the social construction of knowledge, sharpen critical thinking and expression skills -- written, oral and visual -- and engage in interdisciplinary dialogue. It is also exemplary of the effort to integrate the “curricular” and the “co-curricular” student learning experience into a holistic.

Join us in celebrating undergraduate perspectives in dialogue.