The Tenth Annual AUC Conference for Excellence in Undergraduate or Research, Entrepreneurship and Creative Achievement

From: 2/22/2015   To: 2/25/2015


Some Proposal Guidelines



The following proposal guidelines include how to write an attractive title, a comprehensive abstract as well as a descriptive summary.


Title: the title for your presentation should be a maximum of 10 words. Try to make your title descriptive, creative, and reflective of your paper, and not too generic, vague, or uninteresting.


Abstract: the abstract should be about 250 words. It should provide some context, introduce the problem or research question, outline the research methodology, and summarize findings. The purpose of the abstract is to convince the reviewers that your research is relevant and sound, and that your paper will be a worthy addition to the conference. It should be well written.

Summary: the summary should be about 50 words. This is what conference attendees will read in theprogram book, so it should be clear, but also enticing. It should be well written with no grammatical mistakes.


For further help in drafting a proposal for the submission for the conference, please visit the following link for detailed  â€‹steps on how to write a proposal: