The Tenth Annual AUC Conference for Excellence in Undergraduate or Research, Entrepreneurship and Creative Achievement

From: 2/22/2015   To: 2/25/2015


Have a Unique R
esearch Experience in Egypt!

International students who wish to participate in the EURECA Conference will not only benefit from the research experience; however, they will enjoy an enriching cultural experience through visiting an ancient country like Egypt. Egypt is a country that provides the perfect setting for research and innovation due to its diverse historical background, which witnessed a wide spectrum of cultures and religions. Participating in this conference will give international student not only the chance to present their work at the conference, but to explore the wonders of Egypt. 

The EURECA conference is a great chance for all students to meet a diversity of different nationalities and academic backgrounds. It is a rewarding experience through being part of a multi-cultural setting, as students will participate in several joint activities that will introduce them to different cultures, languages, as well as religions.

Through collaboration with the Undergraduate Research Program and the Travel Office at AUC, the EURECA conference will organize a touristic day for the international students who wish to participate in the tenth annual conference. This day will give students the opportunity to explore the historical and cultural background of Egypt. It will moreover, enhance their critical and creative skills through getting to know the secret of such an ancient country, which played a vital role in the development of civilization. The touristic attractions will range from visiting the Giza Pyramids, to Mohamed Ali Citadel and Mosque, the Egyptian Museum of Cairo entailing a great collection of ancient Egyptian antiques.