The Tenth Annual AUC Conference for Excellence in Undergraduate or Research, Entrepreneurship and Creative Achievement

From: 2/22/2015   To: 2/25/2015


Frequently Asked Questions 

How to apply?

1) Go to the Tenth Annual EURECA Conference
2) Create an account with a username and a password
3) Log in with your username and password under Call for Papers
4) Fill out the application
5) Choose a title and biography that focuses on your interet

What kinds of research and creative projects are accepted?

Presentations may be on a variety of topics and in a variety of forms, but should show relation to the conference theme, be research-based, and is the student’s original work. Genres include:
    -Research paper
    -Literary work
   - Scientific innovation
    -Poster presentation
    -Artistic or photography exhibition
    -Theatrical or dance performance
    -Musical composition
    -Marketing campaigns
    -Film or social documentaries
   - Entrepreneurial business plan

How can I get help writing my proposal?

For help in drafting a proposal for the conference, read the guidelines for writing a proposal. Check the workshops page for information on our proposal-writing workshops.

If you need further assistance with your proposal, contact the EURECA organizing committee at 


How long should my presentation be?

Presenters are allotted about 10 to15 minutes for the presentation. Three to four presentations are scheduled within one session. The question and answer (Q&A) period for all the presenters during that time slot is at the end of the session, so you are expected to attend the entire session in which you are presenting. 

Students exhibiting artwork or performances are scheduled in longer sessions.