The Tenth Annual AUC Conference for Excellence in Undergraduate or Research, Entrepreneurship and Creative Achievement

From: 2/22/2015   To: 2/25/2015


The EURECA Conference

The EURECA conference invites all undergraduate students from AUC and any other university to present their research at the Tenth Annual EURECA Conference.

The aim of the conference is to instill in students values of creativity, innovation and originality in research. EURECA gives a great opportunity for students to engage in their desired field of educational interest through different media including: 'oral, written and visual'. The conference encourages students to explore their passion for research and learning outside the confinement of the classroom.

The AUC Conference for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, Entrepreneurship, and Creative Achievement aims to promote excellence in undergraduate research and rhetoric. Creativity and Innovation are of the main objectives of the conference, as they inspires students to develop unique and creative work.  Throughout the conference participants shall engage in various activities to enhance their creative abilities. 

The Undergraduate Research Program at AUC is responsible for the organization of the EURECA Conference and provides the conference as an opportunity for students to showcase their work. The program facilitates student's research through offering them various opportunities to support the research process. Examples of these opportunities include mentoring relationships with the faculty advisors and professors, who provide students with assistance regarding research methodology, creativity and critical thinking. For further details about the Undergraduate Research Program please visit the following website:

This year the EURECA Conference is celebrating its tenth annual anniversary, and thus inviting all students from all over the world of all different fields of interest to participate in this year's conference by offering them free entry!