The 6th Annual AUC EURECA Conference

From: 5/9/2011   To: 5/9/2011


Conference Resources

The following are resources that could assist you in preparing for presenting at the conference.

Drafting a proposal:
Giving Presentations:

Orientation Session:

An orientation session for presenters and moderators will be held. You will receive an invitation specifying the date and time. The orientation session is very important in helping you to prepare for your presentation. You will see the environment in which you will be presenting, meet other participants, meet the conference organizers, and learn how the conference is run and what to expect during the sessions.

Information for Session Moderators:

Moderators open and close each session. They welcome the audience, introduce the presenters, keep the time, facilitate the Q & A, and close the session. Moderators are essential in keeping the sessions running smoothly.