The 6th Annual AUC EURECA Conference

From: 5/9/2011   To: 5/9/2011



The Sixth Annual AUC Conference ForExcellence in Undergraduate Research, Entrepreneurship, and CreativeAchievement

“An Evolving Middle East:  Multi-disciplinary Perspectives”

 Moataz Al Alfi Hall

 Monday, May 9th, 2011

Sparked by one man’s act in Tunisia, a wave of protests andrevolutions has taken hold of the Middle East with the start of 2011.  Unrest has long been brewing, and reactionsby various regimes has attempted to stifle, ignore or appease theprotestors.  But no matter the scenarioof unfolding events,  the single messageacross the region is clear:  it is timefor change.  No longer will young peoplebe content to submit to brutal dictatorships or leadership that dismisses theirpotential.  The Middle East is evolving,being shaped by the dreams and ideals of young people.

 This researchconference invites students to explore through the disciplines themes such asmodernization, power, democratization, environment and citizenship in light ofthe new face of the Middle East. The conference gives students the ability tothink about reform for their region, as active researchers, artists, passiveobservers, and inevitable participants in what makes this a remarkable time tobe living in the Middle East.

 The AUC Conferencefor Excellence in Undergraduate Research, Entrepreneurship, and CreativeAchievement aims to promote excellence in undergraduate research andrhetoric.  It is an opportunity forstudents to share in the social construction of knowledge, sharpen criticalthinking and expression skills -- written, oral and visual -- and engage ininterdisciplinary dialogue. It is also exemplary of the effort to integrate the“curricular” and the “co-curricular” student learning experience into aholistic framework.

 Join us incelebrating undergraduate perspectives of the Middle East across thedisciplines.