The State of Iraq and Iraqi Studies since Regime Change

From: 11/5/2015   To: 11/7/2015


IACIS Thanks


The Organizers of the 2015 IACIS conference would like to thank all those who have gone above and beyond in their creative efforts and diligence to aid us in crafting this conference. This Program was printed courtesy of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at the California State University, Fullerton. Its emergence and delivery to Cairo allowed for the distribution to all attendees.

Many support staff and administration members at AUC should be thanked for all their hard work and professionalism, including Sandra Kameel, Graphic Designer, Office of the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, AUC who designed the posters seen around campus; Anis Zakaria, Team Leader - Solutions Development, University Academic Computing Technologies, who designed and deployed the conference website; Mai Rashdan, Production Assistant, Department of the Arts, Mariam El-Attar, Department of the Arts Coordinator; Shoukry Abdel Baki, Senior Finance Supervisor, Department of the Arts; and Gehan Wissa, Executive Assistant to the Chair, Department of Political Science.  All coordinated, arranged and adroitly helped organize the conference on campus.

Dr. Nathaniel Bowditch, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, facilitated the conference with great enthusiasm and worked with Esraa El Bially, Executive Assistant to Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Mona Wagdy Riad, Director, Travel Office, in aiding the visa process for many conference attendees traveling to Egypt. Mary Shoukry, Senior Officer, Office of the Vice Provost for Research, and Dr. Ehab Abdel Rahman, Vice Provost for Research, deftly supported the initial efforts to bring the conference into being.  We are also very grateful to Nermine El Moshneb, Executive Assistant to the University Counsellor, and Amr Ezzat Salama, University Counsellor, for having facilitated the issuing of entry visas to numerous Iraqi participants.

We must also express gratitude to the Faculty of Arts at the University of Calgary for its generous sponsorship of one of the conference dinners, and to the AUC College of Humanities and Social Sciences for generously sponsoring yet another of the dinners.

Finally, we must draw attention to the creativity of Aisha Biberdorf for the initial designs that led to the cover of the conference program as well as the conference posters. To all of these hardworking and professional contributors we thank you for facilitating the conference organizers' efforts and ensuring the accommodation of our guests.